Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Life is like a Shopping Mall with range of options placed before you. It has in abundance all the happiness, sadness, opportunities, emotions, strength, power, knowledge etc to be chosen from. It is we who need to decide what we have to pick up from this shopping mall named “Life”.

Either we can be very pessimistic about the events “or” choose to see the positives. The best part is that the power to choose what we need is bestowed upon us. Though everyone; if given an option would like to choose ‘Happiness over Sadness’, ‘Opportunities over Threat’ and ‘Strength over Weaknesses’ etc. but most of us end up selecting ‘Sadness over Happiness’, ‘Threat over Opportunities’ and ‘Weaknesses over Strength’ etc. And all this happens because the Negative items are lot more luring to us than Positive ones just like any unhealthy food item placed at a retail store will attract us more than the healthy ones.

In my personal case too, I have been attracted or have been persuaded by negative thoughts hell number of times. It just happens to everyone that sometimes we feel lost in the hills of negativity and other times we feel as if we have conquered the Mountains of Positive thoughts. At time the tears can’t be hold in your eyes and other times you can’t just control the laughter paved out of eternal happiness. When we are sad, we don’t have an idea about how to swim/escape out of it but when your jaws are working out aggressively laughing and screaming in happiness, then we don’t find a problem in it. It’s a fact that we all see sadness/negativity as a deadly disease to be cured immediately while happiness as the paradise of Life. But we all tend to forget that all these are just emotions, thoughts and part of life which are selected by our kind-self based on situations and actions.

We all have to taste every flavour of life whether we like it or not. All these expressions, emotions and thoughts are bundled together as life. We just need to decide which items out of this bundle shall be used often and which items shall never be. We cannot escape from any sadness/negativity all throughout but what we can do is eventually reduce it to a level that it doesn’t impact us to the slightest measure possible.

As a New Year Resolution due in few weeks, I am working towards becoming a cleaner and purer me: ‘Me’ which is clear in conscience, pure by heart and the one I can look upto in the mirror and say this man has never deceived anyone and shall not feel negative about anything. Afterall if your deeds are good, all good will happen to you. 

Rah De Krishna. God Bless You. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I am Indebted. Keep Showering Your Blessings!!!


Its been quite a while that I have posted on this platform. Actually very long. The last time I documented my thoughts on this wonderful platform was in June 2015. That is almost a year back. Reasons were many which can or cannot be expressed on a public forum but whatever it was/is I am back to my favourite past time, i.e expressing my thoughts and documenting it through the melodious sound of my Laptop's keyboard/pad. 

What could be a better day for re-initiating the lost hobby than a Guru Purnima*. 

*[For my non- Indian readership or audience, Guru Purnima is a festival / occasion wherein we (Indians) take pride in expressing our respect and gratitude for our teachers] 

Coming back to the topic for today's post, "Guru Purnima" a day we all have grown associated with. As a child I remember carrying flowers for my school teachers and thanking them for their effortless service in educating me and my friends. It fascinates me that as a school going kid, we all use to be so happy to buy those wonderful flowers and carried that effortless smile while thanking our teachers. Therefore, I would love to take this opportunity to thank bunch of people in my life who motivated me, inspired me, ignited the fire in me, made me see everything in nothing and made me whatever small or big I am today. 

I am blessed with innumerable and countless number of such blessings who walked into my life and taught me a lesson, helped me develop my skills, pushed me a level above and have been inspiring me on a daily basis. 

Ironically, few of them left and fortunately, many still remains with me as guiding force. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Its been a long gap of 2 years that I have published my thoughts on this platform. The excuse could be many but to make it crisp and short: - my organization blessed me with some incredibly interesting projects which kept me busy. The word "Busy" here is requested to be considered in a positive denotation. The last two years has been a long journey of my transition from Marketing (Digital Marketer) to Project Coordination to much more exciting domain of Project Management.  Going ahead, I will try my best to publish as and when I can. I will keep them short and quick. Enjoy Reading!! 


Every Organization on this planet has issues; issues that initially looks smaller  and over a period they transform into a Dinosaur ready to eat you. There could be multiple reasons for this small egg to turn into a Big Dinosaur. But one major reason is "Every one is hearing, no one is paying attention"

Friday, August 2, 2013

Gaana Bajaana and Rona Dhona over Telangana on Social Media!!

Unlike the ex-generation which used to fire crackers and distribute sweets over any celebration, today's generation is more inclined towards celebrating and expressing their happiness on Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter and many others.

This was clearly visible on the day Telangana was announced recently. As soon as the announcement for a new state was out, there were a series of status and tweets updated over various social media sites. On Twitter the Hash-Tag #Telangana was trending and Facebook folks made their FB walls a debating battle ground for their support and opposition to the new ruling proposed. It felt as if the Gaana Bajana over Telangana was on full swing on Social Media and equally there was Rona Dhona by some United Andhra Supporters.

The Twitter was high on drama. With sentiments of happiness & sorrow tweeting around, there were a huge set of youngsters who tried encashing upon the situation to get more followers by tweeting funny tweets about Telangana. Please check the pictures below:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Bharat Nirman Saga and the Idiots Marketing.

Someone wisely said "If you can't blind them with brilliance, then bedazzle them with bullshit..." I don’t know the name of the person who quoted this but I am confident that if this man or women was alive today then he/she would be for sure working with the Government of India.  From past few weeks, there are a series of Ad- Campaigns on “Bharat Nirman” being aired on almost every channel. These campaigns launched by United Progressive Alliance (The ruling political party of India) looks to me something near similar to the “India Shining” campaign launched by National Democratic Alliance (NDA) during their Government dated back 9 years ago. The “Bharat Nirman” campaign just like the Oldie friend –“India Shining” campaign 2004 is aimed at one single objective – the near coming election season. But the name, the time, the ruling party and the growth has changed. The big difference from 2004 is that the Congress cannot help making you believe that everything in this country was brought to you by the Nehrus and Gandhis (I Love Mahatma Gandhi), the rest of India are just passengers who ride their train. The Golden Quadrilateral Highway which connects Kolkatta, Chennai and Bengaluru had posters of AB Vajpayee placed everywhere during NDA’s rule but now they are replaced by Sonia Gandhi’s as if she or her political party has sanctioned the project. I respect Mrs.Gandhi for several reasons but sometimes I just wonder; does she really deserve that kind of attention just because her suffix is Gandhi. I think No. But yes, for sure she is a Woman who inspires me a lot for several reasons. I will discuss that later someday in one of my post. But for today I just want to concentrate upon the “BHARAT NIRMAN” Ads.  I don’t find them relevant today. And If I look at all these Ad Campaigns with the research oriented mind fixed into the top floor of my Body, then it will push me to the level of frustration. Let us talk about it now,

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

FREE FREE FREE - a 4 letter Word . . . .

Free – a very lucrative word which can hypnotize Richest of the Rich and of course Poorest of the Poor. It is impossible for a person to resist this so called syndrome of Free Gifts, Free Products, Free Services and so on. Now a days FREE is one of the most dependable tool and the widely used idea by the Marketers and Businesses.

Last month, I did a lot of shopping for self and family, and was attracted by the Flat 50% Sale provided by Future Group's CENTRAL Mall. Also in the run were branded outlets like Nike, Adidas, Wrangler, Lee and the list goes long. The Sale attracted me at the point of buying and I ended up shelling out lots of money on buying stuff which I felt gave me a better deal. Once I returned back home and shifted my Brain's gear from Customers to a Marketers, I realized that I have bought so much of stuff which I didn’t require and I perhaps don’t use. I also realized that I had gone to the Mall to buy few T-Shirts for me and ended up buying a pair of shoes, jeans and many such items which I had not intended to. This scratched the inner marketer in me and I was just thinking whether I have gained from the deal or I just got blown away with the wind like many others. Is there anything called “Free” in this Business oriented world??

My post today will deal with few sensible and non sensible views of mine on this so called Marketing Magic Stick used by Marketers all over called as “FREE” .

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hyderabad Traffic Police and Social Media..... Control Traffic by getting Traffic

Get the Traffic to control the Traffic...

Hyderabad is a prime city located in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. The city became a hit in the Business World post to the stint of Mr. Naidu as the Chief Minister of the state. The city has been a great source of attraction in history too. From Nizams royal rule to Kohinoor Diamond to the post Independence differences (resolved by Sardar Patel) to the Hitech City era; the city has never missed a chance to be on the World's talk.

I am fortunate and blessed to be born here. I have been bought up playing and schooling in the streets and localities of this incredibly multicultural and multilingual city. Everything has changed here- the infrastructure, the standard of living, the education system and perhaps the beliefs of the people. But, one thing that has never changed for decades till an year ago or two, is the belief and thinking of people towards the Traffic Police of the city. It wouldn’t surprise one if you hear a relatively old man in his forties talking against the management of the Traffic Police Department here. It has always been a belief of majority that the Traffic Police Department can never handle Traffic in this city. I have been hearing the same thing from my Grand Father and my Father and all my relatives of their era. But times have been changing. The Department of Traffic in Hyderabad has been taking a way against this belief of people. The Hyderabad Traffic Police is doing all that is required to manage the traffic and get the reputation for their department in the eyes of its customers (Citizens).

Sunday, February 10, 2013

If Gandhiji had a Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin account......

The world is becoming smaller day by day, more so during the nights. When I say smaller, I don’t mean it in terms of the available land resource, I mean it in terms of communication and information processing. It has become so easy for a person located somewhere at the north pole to share or communicate something with some one breathing in the latitudes and longitudes of the south pole. And all the credit goes to the field of Social Media which acquired the world by a storm in just a span of few countable years. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, Skype etc have changed the way in which people throughout the world used to communicate, work and share.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tagline create an Impression. Positioning create an Image.

Any one who has been a student of Marketing or been a Marketer will for sure know about this widely used word in the world of Marketing called as Positioning. When I was in the first semester of my Course of Marketing few years back, I was asked to do a research on POSITIONING and present it the next day to whole of the class. That time the word was new and I knew very little that this word will become so important in my life as it is to the ever growing subject of Marketing.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stakeholders, Organizations, Brands and Maha Kumbh!!!

Today I was at leisure the whole day and was following the news channels continuously to get my brain equipped with the ongoing issues like “Pakistans Ceasefire”, “Rapes in India”, “The Hate Monger of Hyderabad” and so on. But what drew my attention was that the majority of the News Channels were flashing news about Maha Kumbh and as a person interested in the History (which comes from my genes) I started watching and gathering all that was shown in those news program about Maha Kumbh.  Tomorrow the Maha Kumbh festival is going to be celebrated at Allahabad (India) and I thought this would be the right time for me to write something about it on my blog.